Food Safety

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Real Value IGA Supermarket is inspected by the Grenada Bureau of Standards and the Department of Public Health to ensure the food consumer’s purchase at Real Value IGA is safe.
We offer the following Food Safety Tips to help everyone ensure proper handling and storage of food products.


Food Safety & Storage

Real Value IGA Supermarket has a variety of frozen, fresh and prepared foods. Our Supermarket maintains excellent quality assurance and sanitation standards to make sure you always receive fresh, wholesome and safe products.


Shelf Stable Foods

Shelf Stable foods are usually safe unless the can or packaging has been damaged. Once opened though, these foods need to be stored in tightly closed containers. Some of these foods need to be refrigerated after opening.

Frozen Foods

Frozen foods should always be placed in the shopping cart last, right before check-out, and be taken directly home and placed in the freezer.

Refrigerated Foods

Refrigerated foods should be kept at a constant temperature to maintain the quality.

Bakery Foods

Bakery items that contain frostings made of cream cheese, whipped cream, eggs, custards etc. should be kept refrigerated. However, plain bread products can remain at room temperature, but eventually they will mold and become unsafe to eat.

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