Apple Waffles with Cider Syrup

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Apple Waffles with Cider Syrup
Serves: 8
1 (4-serving) package JELL-O sugar-free vanilla cook-and-   serve pudding mix
        2 cups unsweetened IGA Apple cider or juice
        1 teaspoon apple pie spice
        1 1/2 cups Bisquick Reduced Fat Baking Mix
        1/3 cup pourable Sugar Twin or Sprinkle Sweet
        1 cup (2 small) cored, peeled, and chopped cooking apples
        1 cup skim milk
        2 tablespoons Land O Lakes no-fat sour cream
  1. In a medium saucepan, combine dry pudding mix, apple cider and apple pie spice. Cook over medium-low heat until mixture thickens and starts to boil, stirring occasionally.
  2. Meanwhile, in a large bowl, combine baking mix, Sugar Twin, and apples. Add skim milk and sour cream. Mix gently to combine.
  3. Using a full 1/4-cup measuring cup of batter per serving, bake waffles according to waffle manufacturer’s directions.
  4. For each serving, place 1 waffle-iron on a plate and spoon about 1/4 cup cider syrup over top. Serve at once.
Calories: 142  Fat: 2g   Carbs: 29g   Protein: 2g   Fiber: 1g   Sodium: 336mg

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