Hassan Hadeed to take IGA Caribbean through 2012

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Hassan Hadeed to take IGA Caribbean through 2012

Managing Director of Real Value IGA Supermarket, Hassan Hadeed, was recently elected Chairman of IGA Caribbean at the 2012 IGA Global Rally. The Independent Grocers Alliance (IGA) was established in 1926 and since that time has grown to become the world’s largest voluntary Supermarket network which includes 5,000 Hometown Proud Supermarkets worldwide, supported by 36 distribution centers and more than 55 major manufacturers, vendors and worldwide suppliers.  IGA stores operate in more than 30 countries, commonwealths and territories including the Caribbean islands of St. Lucia, Trinidad, Grand Cayman, Barbados, St. Kitts, Aruba, Turks & Caicos, Jamaica, Bahamas, the Dominican Republic and Grenada.

Hassan Hadeed

Managing Director, Hassan Hadeed

Real Value IGA has been a part of the IGA franchise since 2003, a decision driven not only by the opportunity to be part of a large global network, but by a shared philosophy for high standards of customer service and community focus. In 2009, IGA Caribbean was formed to bring together the Independent operators of the region under a common goal of utilizing the strengths and resources of the IGA brand in a way tailored to better meet the specific needs of the Caribbean market.

A number of strategies were developed as a result of the formation of IGA Caribbean including a Health and Wellness Campaign throughout the Caribbean which included last year’s IGA Healthy Challenge, the establishment of the IGA Promise Kit in an effort to strengthen the brand’s image and identity throughout the Caribbean and The IGA Store Assessment which includes the online customer feedback and 5-star assessment programme.

Mr. Hadeed, who takes over the helm from Mr. Andre Chastanet of Consolidated Foods Ltd in St Lucia, has pledged his commitment to continue placing emphasis on strengthening the brand and maintaining the highest standards throughout the Caribbean.

The Independent Grocers Alliance is more than private label merchandise; it is a commitment to quality by independent operators and partnerships built over more than 80 years throughout the world.

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