Calendar Competition

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Calendar Competition

Win Free Groceries Every Month!

Each and every month, you can get a chance to WIN FREE Groceries!

To enter, simply fill out the entry form on the bottom right-hand corner of the current month, cut it out, and attach it to your receipt. The receipt must show that you’ve purchased at least ONE IGA Brand product. Drop the form in the entry box provided instore – that’s it! There is a different draw each month, so your Real Value IGA Calendar gives you 12 chances to win. Don’t have a Frequent Shopper card number? Sign up now for FREE either instore or online right here! See below for full rules.

How to Enter

Complete the Entry Form for the given month, located at the bottom right corner. Write your Frequent Shopper card number in the space that says ‘FS Number’. You can find your card number below the barcode on the back of the card. Note it is not necessary to include the ‘439’ portion of the Frequent Shopper number.

The ‘Inv. Number’ refers to the Invoice Number located at the top-left corner of your receipt (Inv#). Your receipt must be attached to the Entry Form, and must show a purchase of at least one IGA Brand item.

Once your Form has been completed, drop it into the box provided inside the Supermarket. Each Form is valid only for the month specified. For example, you may only use the Entry Form for January for January’s draw. The receipt attached must also be for purchases made during that month.

The Winner

Each month, one Entry Form will be drawn from the box and verified. Once correct, that person will be announced as the winner, and will receive free groceries for that month.*

Winners may participate in following draws by entering in the same manner.



This contest is open to persons who are Frequent Shopper cardholders, and possess a Real Value IGA 2013 Calendar. Interested persons who are not Frequent Shopper members are encouraged to sign up for a Frequent Shopper card for FREE either at our Customer Service desk, or online here.

*The contents and value of the groceries will be determined by Real Value IGA beforehand. By accepting the prize, winners agree to have their photograph published either online or in print.

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