Faces of Carnival Photo Contest – show us your Carnival look!

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Faces of Carnival Photo Contest – show us your Carnival look!

Win Monday Night packages, Carnival costumes, tickets to fetes and more with Real Value IGA and SummerCrew!

Between July 20th and August 1st, Frequent Shopper Cardholders can participate in an exciting Facebook contest – Faces of Carnival! We want to see the very best Carnival makeup Grenada has to offer, so send us a photo of either yourself or your own makeup model wearing your ideal Carnival makeover!

Submissions must be sent to either our Facebook Page – facebook.com/realvalueiga – via Facebook Message, or via email at marketing(at)realvaluesupermarket.com. Each entry must be accompanied by a photo/scan of a receipt that shows the following:

•Frequent Shopper number and customers name
•The cosmetic item(s) purchased and used in the submission photo

Note that photos posted directly to our Facebook Page will NOT be considered. They should be sent via Facebook Message instead.

The submission period has been extended until Wednesday, August 5th.

Once we have received valid submissions, the photos will be posted to our Facebook Page, and the community will be asked to vote on their favourite by clicking Like on whichever they like the most. It may prove beneficial to enter as early as possible so that your photo is displayed for a longer length of time.

If you would like to take part, but are not a Frequent Shopper Cardholder yet, then simply sign up here for free!



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