Happy Anniversary: 15 Years of Serving Our Community

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Happy Anniversary: 15 Years of Serving Our Community

August 20th 2015.

Like several thousand times before, Real Value IGA Supermarket’s doors opened for business. As is customary by now, Customers were already waiting outside, eager to start the day with a snack for breakfast or to simply pick up a couple items before the daily grind.

15 Years ago however, things were very different.

Back then, the people on the ‘outside’ were more concerned with prophesying the downfall of the latest Hadeed family endeavour. “6 months” was all the time afforded to the business by the man on the street before it would fold.

“Grenada doesn’t need another supermarket” it was said.


To be fair, the sceptics were not without reason. Those early days – to put it lightly – were rough. The Hadeed Family had no prior experience in the supermarket industry, meaning that Real Value faced a steep uphill battle from day one.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way.

With the then brand new Spiceland Mall International nearing completion, Hassan Hadeed was faced with a dilemma. The company that was to open a supermarket in the new mall suddenly pulled out at the last minute, leaving a 12,000+ square foot sized hole in the new project. Adamant that Spiceland Mall International had to have a supermarket, Mr. Hadeed entered the supermarket business and never looked back.

It wasn’t easy. There were a myriad of problems. Importantly however, they were overcome. Today, Real Value IGA Supermarket has established itself as Grenada’s premier supermarket, ever progressive and forward-thinking, with a strong community focus central to its core values.

15 years on, Mr. Hadeed stood on the Supermarket floor ready to address his expectant staff who had gathered to mark the occasion. As he began to recall the story of how he and his team got Real Value IGA Supermarket off the ground and turned it into the respected company that it is today, he took a moment to compose himself.  The journey had been difficult, improbable – though never impossible – and the Managing Director was understandably emotional.

The message was clear. Without the staff – the team – all buying into Hassan Hadeed’s vision and philosophy, Real Value IGA Supermarket would not have survived even 15 months, let alone 15 years. The importance of believing in what you want to achieve and working hard to attain those goals was not lost on those present.

As the ceremony drew to a close, Mr. Hadeed allowed himself a slice of cake:

“Make sure everyone gets a piece,” he said with a smile.

Maybe it was supposed to be this way after all.


“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success achieved.”
― Helen Keller









Real Value IGA Supermarket would like to thank our staff for their continuing years of service and our dear customers for their support throughout the years.

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