Chobani™ Oat Plain Oat Drink 52 fl. oz. Carton

No gluten. Vegan friendly. Certified Organic by ISDA. No lactose. No nuts. Good source of vitamin A, D & calcium. Made with organic oats. Plant based. Old style. At night when you are sleeping A mother comes 'round the field Tending to her oat crop To grow a golden yield. Needing less water than almonds or beans Oats grow taller than the tallest of trees Oats that are organic, and of course, gluten-free Oats will become anything you want them to be She calls upon the sun and air To naturally dry oats for a while. Then harvests, hulls, and mills them In a centuries-old style. She soaks oats batch by batch To craft a drink that's quite contrary, That's creamy and tasty like milk Without any of the dairy. There is simply no denying It's delicious and worth the trying Batter mixing, coffee drinking, cookie dunking, too It does almost anything dairy milk can do. Drink it. Mix it. Pour it. Stir it. Questions or comments? 1.877.847.6181. SFI: Certified Chain of Custody. Promoting sustainable forestry. Introducing Chobani Oat Drinks. Made with organic oats sprouted from the ground, we naturally dry, mill, and soak the oats in batches to deliver a creamy, delicious drink. Our oat drinks are great in coffee, over cereal, or on their own. And all our oat drinks are gluten-free, kosher, vegan-friendly, and contain no dairy, no lactose, no nuts, no soy, no preservatives, or no artificial flavors.