GoodNites Bedtime Pants Boys L-XL - 11 CT

GoodNites® Bedtime Pants Boys L-XL. #1 Night time protection brand†. 5 Layer protection. Fits sizes 8-14 L-XL. 60-125+ lbs/27-57+ kg. Outstanding pajama protection. 5 Layer protection. Double leg barriers. Protection where boys need it most. Super stretchy sides. Odor absorbing Clothing sizes. 3-5 XS. 28-45 lbs. 13-21 kg. 4-8 S-M. 38-65 lbs. 17-29 kg. 8-14;L-XL. 10-125+ lbs/27-57 kg. †Youth pants. FSA (Flexible Spending Account Eligible). Made from domestic and imported material. May be patented, see ® registered trademark of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc. Questions 1-800-647-2088. Mo-Fr: 8am-4pm CT. Learn more at ©KCWW.