Planters Pecan Pieces, 6.0 oz Bag

Planters Pecan Pieces have hearty flavor and are perfectly sized for baking or enjoying as an afternoon snack. These recipe-ready pecans have a satisfying crunchy texture, making them ideal for adding to cookies, muffins or pies. Unsalted and naturally crisp, these culinary pecans pieces also lend great flavor to baked fruit or roasted vegetables. The airtight 6 ounce bag of pecans is easy to tear open and keeps the pecans deliciously fresh. Nutritious and containing 190 calories per 1/4 cup serving size, these Kosher pecans give you wholesome energy and are a pleasure to eat. Sprinkle these nuts on an ice cream sundae, add them to pancakes the next time you whip up a batch, or simply grab a handful when you crave a flavorful crunchy snack.Deleted keywords: (Inserting here so that task will submit, please see note for reviewer) roasted pecans, pecans pecans