Skintimate Bloom Razor for Women, Includes 1 Handle and 2 Refills

The Skintimate Bloom Razor System makes shaving simple. This razor features a sleek, easy-to-control handle with a textured rubber grip. The flexible cartridge allows you to effortlessly glide over curves and contours, while 4 ultra-thin blades get close to wherever you shave. Each razor head has a conditioning strip, which contains Aloe and Vitamin E, that hugs the skin and helps prevent irritation throughout your shave. When you're ready to replace your cartridge, simply click the button on the bottom of the razor handle to release the used cartridge. Although these razor refills for women are compatible with any Skintimate textured razor handle, we recommend pairing them with the Bloom Shave Gel for the ultimate shave and a blissful sensory-drenching experience.