Annie's Pasta in Tomato & Cheese Sauce, Organic, Bernie O's 15 oz

Annie's Organic Bernie O's are delicious and tons of fun to eat! This canned pasta is made with yummy pasta and a savory tomato and cheese sauce full of scrumptious flavor. These certified organic O's will make a super tasty addition to a family dinner, a packed lunch and more! Plus, this pasta can be enjoyed for a comforting snack after school or work. When feeding your family, add a sprinkle of joy and hoppiness with Annie's canned pasta entrees. Annie's makes products in over 20 family-friendly categories — from fruit-flavored snacks and cereal to mac & cheese. For busy bunnies and families on the go, we help make life a little easier and more delicious by sweetening-up packed lunches or by adding to a savory, yummy dinner. Annie’s is devoted to spreading goodness through nourishing, tasty foods and kindness to the planet.