Purina Friskies Ocean Favorites Wet Cat Food Pate and Meaty Bits Variety Pack With Salmon and Tuna

Bring the bounty of the sea to your cat’s dish with a Purina Friskies Ocean Favorites Pate Cat Food 24-Count Variety Pack. With four scrumptious Purina wet cat food recipes and two lip-smacking textures to choose from, it’s easy to surprise them with a different entree at each meal. Each wet cat food entree of pate or meaty bits in cat gravy with salmon or tuna provides high-quality protein cats need for muscle strength. Visible accents of brown rice or peas in each Friskies canned cat food recipe stimulates her interest. Friskies Ocean Favorites canned cat food pate recipes are made without artificial colors or preservatives to meet your ingredient preferences. Whether they’re nibbling on a loaf of soft Friskies pate cat food or savoring the tender chunks in gravy cat food, your cat gets 100 percent complete and balanced nutrition per serving. Treat your feline to whisker-licking variety she’ll go wild for with the Purina Friskies Ocean Favorites 24-Count Canned Cat Food Variety Pack.