Purina ONE High Protein, Healthy Weight Dry Cat Food, +Plus Ideal Weight With Turkey

Give your cat the nutrition she needs to maintain a healthy weight with Purina ONE +Plus Ideal Weight High Protein, Natural With Added Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients dry cat food. Crafted by a veterinarian-recommended brand, this Purina ONE cat kibble combines the power of nature and research to help spayed and neutered cats maintain a healthy weight. We craft this weight management cat food with L-carnitine and a SmartBlend of high-quality ingredients to help your cat burn fat and maintain a healthy weight. With 0 percent fillers, you know every ingredient has a purpose in her dish. The high protein cat food recipe starts with real turkey as the number 1 ingredient and contains 42 percent protein to meet her protein requirements as a carnivore and help support her strong muscles, including her heathy heart. Plus, grains and accents of real vegetables come together for a natural cat food with added vitamins, minerals and nutrients that provides the 100 percent complete and balanced nutrition your adult cat needs to thrive. Serve up the delicious taste and satisfying crunchy texture of this premium cat food kibble, and see the results Purina ONE can make in your cat.